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Department for Economic and Tourism development

Stigergasse 2/ I, 8020 Graz
Tel: +43 (316) 872 4800

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geographical position

Graz has around 280,000 inhabitants, currently increasing. Graz and environs has a population of around 430,000.

Graz plays a great role being placed in the centre of south-east-Europe. The capital city of Styria often is called "gateway to the east", focusing on economy, science and culture.

Geographical Position: 47° 05' northern latitude and 15° 27' eastern longitude
Averaged Height: 386m
Area: 127,6 km2; 15,3 km2 tilled

The central region of Graz obtains more than a third of the industrial added value in Styria and offers about 40% of the Styrian employers a job. Graz and Styria are called Austria's great "technology-plant", because every third High-Tech-Innovation in Austria is created in this region.

Scheduled Flights from Graz:
Current flight schedule via www.flughafen-graz.at
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