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Department for Economic and Tourism development

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Ing. Friedrich Schmiedl Foundation

Ing. Friedrich Schmiedl was born in Schwertberg in Upper Austria in 1902. As man and scientist, he approached tasks with vision and unconventional ideas and strategies and significantly left his mark on the development of space travel.

As a teenager he experimented on the construction of rockets which culminated in the revolutionary idea of speeding up and making communication and information exchange between people easier by post rockets. In 1924 he began to study at the technical university and in 1928 he carried out his first post rocket experiment. In the twenties and thirties he also built aerial and underwater rockets, ship´s drive rockets, desert rockets, rocket aircraft and register rockets for scientific measurements, experiments and high altitude recording.



He was partly active in a field of research which the city of Graz believes has high potential for development - "Graz , as a city of communication and dialogue".
When Ing. Friedrich Schmiedl died in 1994 at the age of 92 he bequeathed to the City of Graz a fortune which was used to found the "Ing. Friedrich Schmiedl Stiftung". In the spirit of the research activities of the rocket and air pioneer Friedrich Schmiedl, this foundation was set up to encourage and support ideas, impulses and incentives, in order to improve communication and information exchange in the region of Graz using visionary and unconventional ideas, both in a technical as well as in a qualitative sense.



Trobas, Karl: Raketen - Raketenpost - Postraketen: Friedrich Schmiedl, ein Raketenpionier aus Graz / Karl Trobas. - Graz : Manumenia-Verl. Schnider [1] (1992) 1992. - XXI, 699 S.


The aims of the Ing. Friedrich Schmiedl Foundation:

The aim of the foundation is to approach science and economics in a useful way. It supports "...unconventional and visionary ideas in research and development in the fields of space research, communication and information".
On one hand, the purpose of the foundation is to inspire children and young people with enthusiasm for science and so contribute to and increase the region´s sustainable human capital, particularly in technically and scientifically orientated education.
On the other hand, the foundation intends to support unconventional and visionary research and development projects which are directly related to Friedrich Schmiedl´s work and live up to his ideas and also to the strengths of Graz.

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